Tarotscopes – New Moon in Taurus (2021)

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Knight of Swords, Reversed

What’s the rush?

The Gregorian calendar year is almost halfway over, but the astrological year is just heating up. When you live within cycles rather than a linear sense of time, start to finish becomes new and renew. Time is a construct, so why do we crush ourselves with the notion of needing to speed up, catch up, or power through life in a straight line?

This time will come again. So why rush?

How can we all pause, slow down, and observe the cycles in our lives? How are you engaging with the cycles vs linear requirements of your life?

How are you needing to slow down and live within this cycle?

Aries – Death
Do you see death as the end of the cycle or the start of another? What informs this view?

Taurus – Justice Rx
How does fairness flow and ebb throughout your life? Is there a pattern?

Gemini – Ace of Cups
When you are in a cycle of sustainability, how do you grapple with the idea that your cup could empty and never fill again?

Cancer – 9 of Wands Rx
Is it your turn to support or be supported? DO you rush through one and not the other? Why?

Leo – 3 of Wands
Are you rushing ahead in your own vision? What do you risk repeating by not slowing down?

Virgo – The Empress
What do you do with a season of lemons? Do you preserve them for later? Make lemonade now?

Libra – Page of Swords
Where in your cycles of life do you hesitate? Is now the time to do so?

Scorpio – The Hierophant Rx
Are you rushing through power dynamics? Whose power? Whose dynamics?

Sagittarius – 5 of Wands Rx
To rush to support slows what else? Is your competition collaboration itself?

Capricorn – 5 of Cups
Do you rush to clean up a mess or pause to observe its lesson?

Aquarius – The Tower Rx
What cycles of disruption do you avoid, work through, and remain present for?

Pisces – 8 of Wands
Do you rush from one achievement to the next? What would happen if you paused to acknowledge each as they happen?

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