“Policies for your website that update when the laws change.” – Termageddon

The Fiery Well is excited to now offer always up to date website policies to members and clients through Termageddon as a certified agency partner.

What is Termageddon?

Silly name, serious product.

Termageddon is the longest-running Privacy Policy generator listed as a vendor by the  International Association of Privacy Professionals (iapp.org). The company is founded and run by a licensed privacy attorney who also serves as the Vice Chair of the American Bar Association – ePrivacy Committee.

  1. Includes an auto-updating Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer and more for your website
  2. Your policies stay up to date automatically
  3. Receive updates directly from Termageddon when new privacy laws are going into effect
  4. Receive notifications when new questions need to be answered to ensure you are compatible with new required disclosures
  5. Attorney friendly – Invite your attorney to review the policies and even ‘override’ sections of each policy to their liking, if they wish. Future updates will be suggested by Termageddon, but they won’t override what your attorney changed without your permission.

With Termageddon, your policies are always up to date!

All Members Requested to Sign Waiver of Notice

Kind of like going to the doctor’s office, The Fiery Well now has an “I have been informed of this.” waiver that I ask all members to sign. We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice.  We do, however, believe that this information is important and ask all of our clients to sign a waiver, acknowledging that we have provided you with this information. 

Please choose your location, read through, and digitally sign to get started!

Notice: Termageddon is currently available for businesses formed in the United States, Canada, Ireland or the United Kingdom.