The Drop – Issue #001

I do a lot of reading of articles, newsletters, and am a subscriber to dozens upon dozens of email lists… all to keep up on trends, learn launch methods and be able to bring that knowledge back to you inside The Wellspring.

But sometimes, I just find some cool shit I think you’d be interested in.

Welcome to The Drop. The random “Hey, I found this cool thing” newsletter. Keyword: random.

Random content.

Random publishing dates.

Random coolness.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve got today:

Cool Tools

Screenshot of homepage

Not sure of an image size you need for social media? Check this site. It stays up to date AND has template files for Sketch, Fimga, Photoshop and more.

Screenshot of homepage


Having a hard time writing emails to your list? Prefer to work with templates as a stating point? DripScripts has several, high quality, emails you can snag… for free.

Many of which… I see from other lists I’m subscribed to!

Canva for Desktop

Available for both Mac and Windows… your favorite design website is now available on your desktop!

Still need to be connected to the internet, but the in App browser tabs is a very welcome design! Each design opens up in a new tab, just like in the browser, but now it all lives in one space. Less confusing!

Looking for more cool tools? Check the Recommended Tools page.

Check It Out

Stop Hate for Profit

As a small business owner, this is an opportunity to to put your money away and make a statement. If you can afford to, consider not advertising on Facebook/Instagram for the month of July.

Update 6/28: Large companies are stopping their advertising altogether and Facebook is “doing something” about it. NPR has more:

Perhaps in response to this, Instagram is now allowing business accounts to advertise without a Facebook account connected.

If you have never created ads on Instagram, this could apply to you.

If you have previously advertised thru Instagram… you’re currently stuck with Facebook connection.

We shall wait and see what happens.

Articles Worth Reading

Apple Safari to Block Google Analytics From Collecting Data

Apple’s Safari browser will reportedly block Google Analytics from tracking users and collecting data about their web browsing activity.

I’m a huge fan of privacy and security… it’s one reason I dropped Zoom and a huge reason I don’t have The Wellspring as a Facebook group, utilize the Facebook Pixel, use Google Analytics on my site, or track much more than page views in general. But… if you do use tracking on your site, this could really affect your bottom line! If you can’t track a page view… you can’t track a conversion!

Find anything cool?

Drop it in the comments below!

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