Issue #012

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The Blue Yeti Microphone
Blue Yeti Microphone – I’ve had it for a few months and love it over my Bose Headphone mic

Starting a Podcast? – “The easiest way to record podcasts and video interviews in studio quality from anywhere. All from the browser.”

An alternative to using Zoom for recording your video/audio podcast, this looks really cool if you want to have guests, live stream while you record, and more. I came across it while watching Vanessa Lau’s YouTube channel

(Don’t forget to toss it into Descript to edit/transcribe!)

Anchor & and have partnered together to help you turn your blog posts into a text-to-speech podcast. (Requires a new account)

Read the announcement and the announcement

Geek Fun/Humor – If you tire of the constant cookie consent popups on all the sites everywhere, this is a “game test” to see if you’re paying attention to what you’re agreeing to or not.


New Tools

I’ve been playing with Integromat to connect ClickUp, Google Drive, WordPress, and Slack. It’s a well-priced alternative to Zapier, and although there is a bit of a learning curve, it’s worth giving it a go if you want to automate transactional things. (Currently, there is no connection for Notion.) Notion’s API is now available and connects with Integromat!

Notion – I didn’t like Notion when I first tried it. While I’m still learning how to use it, I am really enjoying it as a way to organize my writing. For now, I’m writing my standard operating procedures, as well as the Clarity Framework draft in Notion, rather than Google Docs, or even ClickUp (ClickUp Docs are too disjointed for my tastes.)

Note Taking & Note Making

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