Websites for Witches

As a web developer with over 20 years experience, I’m finally branching out and niching down to offer my services for witches and fellow “woo” creatives.

Starting in 2020, I will be offering packages and services to help you:

  • Procure your domain and social media handles
  • Choose the right host for your needs
  • Design a roadmap for the perfect website that grows with your needs
  • Develop your visual branding
  • Design your entire web presence

If you can’t wait, or would like to get started as part of a case study (read: steep discount) contact me today.

Or get started on your own by reading up on my WordPress Wednesday posts.

Building your Email List with WordPress & MailChimp

In this series of articles, I’m going to walk you through setting up MailChimp and WordPress to work together to build your email list.

This post walks you through setting up an RSS Feed automated email in Mailchimp to notify subscribers of new blog posts. In subsequent posts we’ll add the Mailchimp subscriber form to your WordPress site, and connect MailChimp for further email fun.