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Witches, we gotta talk about your obsession with centered text.

by Patty Ryan Lee

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Witches, graphic and “site” designers, and website DIYers : stop centering all of the text on your website, in your email newsletters, your blog posts, and on your damn sales pages.

You know who you are.

And I know why you want to do it.

But… for fucksake.

Just stop.

You are not a goddamn wine bottle.

Give your viewers’ eyes a rest. Having to constantly shift the eye around the page to figure out where the next word in a sentence is, or where a new sentence begins, is exhausting. Especially when there are paragraphs upon paragraphs of text to get through.

It doesn’t look creative, chic, edgy, bohemian, or designer-y or any other adjective you think is a reason to do it. It’s hard to read and the brain can’t process it properly. (Don’t get me started on the ultra thin font weights, or the every-other-word is a different color trend.)

Align your text left; center the column it is in. (If your audience reads right to left, then align it right.)

Treat the copy on your website like a book.

Not a wedding invitation.

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Patty Ryan Lee is the site, systems, and spacious productivity witch behind The Fiery Well, the original tech and business support space just for service-based witches. Read more about her and The Fiery Well journey.
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