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Save ten hours? Spend one with me.

In one hour you can:

  • Sort out a system, process, or idea
  • Complete a personalized walkthrough of Dubsado and know where shit is
  • Complete a tech-audit and save some ca$h
  • Plan and prepare a custom Dashboard in Notion and organize your business
  • … and so much more!

This is a virtual, recorded, one-hour call on Google Meet with Patty Ryan Lee, your tech fairy godmother and web developer to witches.

Price: $150 USD (Prices goes up to $300 USD on May 1)

Amelia went from “totally lost” to feeling like “I had the lay of the land!”

“Patty has such a no-nonsense, we-can-figure-this-out approach to tech and business systems. She can help me see the big picture. And when my head starts spinning with all the details, she is a grounding, we-got-this force. Highly suggest working with her!”

– Amelia of Softer Sounds

Yumi felt “VERY heard” throughout her session.

Headshot of Yumi, a professional photographer, smiles cheerfully. She wears a beige turtleneck and a great coat is wrapped around her shoulders.

“[Patty] really listens to your needs and helps you make the most of the session. She doesn’t have a set agenda and lets you focus on what you want to accomplish. Love the flexibility she offers. She also doesn’t make you feel stupid for not knowing or doing things correctly!

– Yumi, Professional Photographer

Patty Ryan Lee is Notion Essentials Certified as of June 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share my screen on our call?
Absolutely! You can screen share with Google Meet much the same way you can with Zoom. Please see the Google Meet help docs before our time together!

How will you send the recording?
I will send the MP4 video file through WeTransfer and you will have 7 days to download the video and any associated files. Please note there is a $25 surcharge for re-sending recordings and any associated files. 

Can I ask follow-up questions after our session?
If something from our session needs clarification, I am more than happy to oblige over email. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response! Otherwise, if you have additional questions stemming from our session (light bulbs or realizations afterward are common!), please book a new session.

What is the agenda or breakdown of our session?
We’ll spend a few minutes saying hello, of course! And then we will dive right into the main priority of our session, which you have outlined or detailed enough for me to isolate in your intake form, and go from there. Oftentimes, the session will be exhausted over one or two key points but sometimes we can get to a dozen things – clarity and focus on true priorities will arise as the session goes, so go with the flow! I’ve had clients come in thinking one thing was the issue, and it turns out there was a completely different root cause. It happens and is the result of working with someone not “inside the same box.”

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