Your Web Presence

A lot of people have asked me, “what do you mean by web presence? Don’t you just mean website?”


I mean web… presence. Your entire existence on the internet. Your whole person, whole self, whole business, on the internet. If it’s written, spoken, visualized, or shared about you… that is your presence.

In the case of you as an entrepreneur, that is your brand

You are, conceivably, your brand.

Your brand is your messaging.

Your messaging is your literal copy, your colors, your fonts, your vibe, your audience, your products and more.

So ask yourself: is that message consistent? Or is it disjointed and confusing?

Hint: if you can’t say yes without hesitation, your audience is probably hesitating on your messaging, too.

Authenticity is fantastic.

Consistency is what people pay for.

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