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Do You…

• toil day and night, working on your website and it still isn’t done and you have no idea what to do next?

• get frustrated and spend hours on Google trying to find the answers to questions you’re not even sure you’re asking right?

• fear asking questions because the answer you constantly see others receive is “read the fucking manual” or “search before asking” or “wrong place; ask somewhere else”?

Fuck that.

How about instead, you could have…

• Direct guidance from a seasoned web professional on the steps needed to go from “what the fuck am I doing wrong” to “omg, yes, I’m online!”

• Someone take the time to interpret what you’re trying to ask, ask any needed questions back, and get to the root of the problem. And offer solutions.

• All your questions answered with compassion, and the understanding that this shit is hard, it’s complicated, and it’s overwhelming, because for fuck’s sake we all start somewhere!

Sound a little more your speed?

Welcome to The Wellspring

Dive in now and receive…

Direct Support from a Web Developer

How often do you pull your hair out over tech? Or get anxious when you suddenly have a problem you don’t know how to solve? Having an online business is fucking overwhelming! And on top of that, it’s hard to get direct, clear answers, from call center tech support that has little interest in what you’re actually trying to achieve.

Imagine, for a moment, having one person to go to for support. One person to research the problem and point you in the right direction, directly answer your tech questions, and help you down from the ceiling when something goes wrong.

Hi, I’m Patty Ryan Lee, witch web developer, and inside The Wellspring, I’m here to support you and your online business.

Curated Resources & Downloads

For the lifetime of your membership, you’ll have access to an ever growing library of resources to support you and your online business. Exclusive articles & how-to’s, printables, recommended tools (so you don’t have to keep fucking searching!), and more to come.

And: anytime access to the foundational Get Online, Witch course is included in your membership.

Chats, Check Ins & Guidance

Want to check in, get some guidance on next steps, be held accountable on a goal you set, or just chat witchy business shit? Once a month we’ll hop on a one-hour group video call for some face to face time, open for all members.

Experiencing Zoom burnout? Prefer chatting with a keyboard? Understandable! I’ll be holding Office Hours on Slack (a free chat tool), once a month, for immediate and direct communication to knock out any issues, answer any questions, or get immediate feedback about a site design or idea.

Discount on Products & Services

In addition to the resources and downloads that are included with your membership, you’ll also receive a discount on :

  • Future Courses
  • “Done for You” custom web design
  • Roadmapping services, for even more in-depth support and guidance
  • Website maintenance services
  • … and hourly fees for anything else!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of help can I expect to receive?

Y’know all those questions you go to Google for? Looking for the information you need but aren’t sure how to get? And then spend hours combing through results and still end up frustrated because you can’t find the right answer or seem to ask the right question?

You can stop doing that.

Ask your question and I’ll pop in with a direct answer or a series of questions that gets to the root of the issue. Think of me like a Google you can talk to. Without the ads. Or tech-bro-responses (looking at you Stackoverflow.)

My magic is in WordPress and everything that integrates with it. Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Instagram, Stripe, PayPal, etc.

And, most importantly, hunting down the answers you need.

Where is the community? Facebook?

Nope. Nopity. Nope. The community is right here, on A straight forward, chronological, organized, community forum. (Remember those?) No more Facebook groups!

I’m a Virtual Assistant or fellow designer. Can I join and use this to help me… help my clients?


Your job is to get the job done, right? Consider me your witchy tech support in your back pocket. Client has an issue that puts you in over your head? Bring it into the forum and let’s get you on the right path.

What kind of resources can I expect to find in the Wellspring?

Right now, printables (everything in the shop), my tool recommendations, exclusive blog posts, and the Get Online, Witch course. These resources are FREE for the duration of your membership.

There are more courses in the works, WordPress resources, templates and more, which you will have first dibs on at a discounted rate.

Can I cancel any time?

Hey, shit happens. (Hi, global pandemic?) You can stop your membership at any time, and it won’t renew for the next cycle. Resume your membership at any time.

How can I justify this investment in my business, in myself?

You just said it: it’s an investment. Investments have returns.

How much money have you wasted, or lost, because your website let you down, fell apart, or you were dropped by your developer when you needed them the most?

How many hours have you spent trying to put all the tech together?

How many hours, how much money, how much frustration, and energy would you like to save yourself from this point on?

Fuck, YES!

Monthly Membership
$97 / month

Curated Resources & Downloads

Member Only Articles

Private, Non-Facebook, Community

Chats, Check Ins & Guidance

Direct Access to a Web Developer
( $125/hour value )

10% Discount on All Services & Products

I’m ready
to INvest IN me!

Join The Wellspring for $97 / Month

Billed every month until you cancel. Receive direct technical support from The Fiery Well + Pop-ins

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A few kind words from folks I’ve helped…

Patty was so kind and generous and helpful. And incredibly knowledgable!

After she helped me with my site, I felt confident that I could share it with the world and that I could use it to attract customers!

She used her expertise so kindly and gently.

Usually I feel like such an idiot when things go wrong on my website, but she totally validated what I was feeling and handled it so well!


Patty is my go-to for any of the hundreds of tech issues that used to slow me down.

She has quick and easy solutions for my problems and it has not only made me more efficient, but less afraid of tech.

She has the ability to make complex tech issues a breeze and is a wealth of knowledge in SO many technologies.

Sheila, Tarot Reader & Podcaster

Patty was super-responsive. She helped me with every element of what I needed, bringing her expertise to an area I really don’t know about. She was a wise and patient guide through the terrible tech forest!


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